When your family loses the matriarch or patriarch of the family, a lot of people will be hurting. The person who passed on may have been the centerpiece of the family. They felt like the glue holding everyone together. If you move forward with cremation in Baltimore, MDmany of your family members might want a part of the remains to remember your loved in well into the future. There are unique ways to share cremains so everyone will be happy with the situation.  

Have A Memorial 

One of the best things you can do for your family after a loved one is cremated is to have a memorial service. The memorial acts as a time to say goodbye and some family members may be satisfied with just that. It’s nice to come together, commemorate a life well lived, and commiserate with others who also loved the person who passed away.  

Split The Cremains 

While it’s often customary to get a single urn to bury the remains, keep them on a mantel, or save them until they are scattered, there are other options that can allow family members to share the remains. They can be split up into mini-urns, for example, so many different siblings in a large family can have a part of their lost loved one. They can also be placed into many pieces of jewelry to be held close to the heart of anyone who wants to wear one. Some families buy picture frames that have small urns behind them. Everyone can place a picture of their loved one in the frame as a memorial with the urn behind it so they always have a part of their lost loved one in their home.  

Another idea is to split the cremains up among family members to scatter as they wish. Perhaps some family members want to bury the cremains while others want to scatter. With cremations, it’s possible to do both. Family members can split the remains up and everyone can take part in doing as they please as a final disposition. When cremation is in motion, there are no right or wrong answers. While it’s nice for families to come together for a memorial, there can be several separate memorials as well.  

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