Families look for solace and a meaningful way to pay tribute to their loved ones during difficult times. Baltimore, MD cremations offer a personalized process that profoundly reflects the uniqueness of the life lived. This path toward personalized service celebrates a unique life narrative and is a healing gesture.

At our establishment, we understand the importance of personal touches. Our committed staff is available to assist families in crafting a heartfelt remembrance that respects the choices, convictions, and legacy of their loved one. From the initial planning stages to the final moments of the memorial service, every detail is handled with care and respect, ensuring that the ceremony is as unique as the individual being commemorated.

The Path to Personalization

Adding special touches to a cremation means considering several factors that might make the service unique and representative of the deceased person’s life and principles. It can involve anything from choosing a certain kind of memorial ceremony to coming up with original ideas for honoring their life and legacy.

Our team works closely with families to explore all available options, including:

Memorial Services: Tailoring the service to include personal readings, favorite music, or a display of photographs and mementos that capture the essence of the loved one’s life.

Tribute Videos: Putting together a graphic narrative that describes their story and highlights significant events, accomplishments, and the happiness they contributed to others.

Special Themes: The service should be designed around a theme that was significant to the deceased, such as a hobby, profession, or passion, making the ceremony truly reflective of their life.

Eco-friendly Choices: For families interested in environmental sustainability, offering options for eco-friendly urns and memorials.

Supporting Every Step of the Way

Our compassionate and experienced professionals are dedicated to supporting families through this challenging time. With a dedication to quality and a profound appreciation for the value of legacy, we work hard to deliver a level of service that not only meets but surpasses expectations.Baltimore cremations

Dr. Hari P. Close, II, the founder, has established a facility that is not only prominent but also high-tech, ensuring that every service is conducted with the utmost respect and dignity. Licensed in multiple states, Families will receive the finest assistance and direction possible thanks to the wealth of knowledge and experience that Dr. Close and our team bring to the table.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its establishment, our funeral service has been a beacon of support for the community, offering personalized services that truly reflect the lives and memories of those we honor. Our motto, “Where Legacies Are Preserved & Cherished,” encapsulates our mission to provide services that celebrate and honor the individuality of each life.


Families seeking to personalize the cremation process with Baltimore, MD cremations have a dedicated partner in Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. We are here to guide you through each step, ensuring that your loved one’s farewell is as unique and special as the life they lived. For those looking to celebrate a life in a way that truly reflects their loved one’s spirit and legacy, we invite you to reach out to us. Remember, personalizing a cremation is more than just a service; it’s a tribute to a well-lived life. Let us help you create a memorable farewell that honors and celebrates the unique journey of your loved one.