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Memorial and Cremation in Baltimore

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It is common for families to have years of traditions that involve casket burial for end of life services. While a casket burial is a nice way to honor your loved one, you shouldn’t overlook the benefits that are available from cremation. If you are looking for flexibility with the way you lay your family member to rest, then it is time for you to learn about cremation in Baltimore, MD.

At Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A., we honor the decisions of every family. Our team can support with cremation. Additionally, we offer the other funeral services that many people want to include with the cremation.

Memorial and Cremation in Baltimore, MD

Choosing cremation doesn’t eliminate your opportunity to hold a funeral or memorial. If you want to have the body present, then you can choose a casket that is used for a viewing and funeral services. Then, the cremation will take place after the event is over.

Another option is to choose a memorial, which is similar to a traditional funeral. When a memorial is planned, it happens after the cremation. It is common for the family to have the ashes on display in an urn during the meeting. The only difference between a funeral and memorial is the presence of the body.

Don’t feel obligated to plan a formal event if it doesn’t make sense for your family. Some people choose to skip the memorial or funeral. In this situation, a direct cremation can be completed. Then, you can choose to hold an informal gathering in the future if you want to meet with close family and friends.

Is Cremation the Right Choice?

Are you undecided about cremation services? As you learn more about the possibilities, it is easy to see why cremation is becoming more popular. Not only are families in Baltimore choosing cremation more frequently, but the national trends show that this service is increasing each year.

Cremation is a final decision that can’t be changed after it is complete. So, it is important that you talk to our team about your options. Additionally, you can learn more about the other supportive services that are available. Here are a few things that should be considered if you are thinking about cremation in Baltimore, MD:

  • Budget: How much money are you planning to spend on the end of life services? There’s no question that a traditional funeral can be expensive. You will accrue costs for the casket, cemetery plot, use of the funeral home, embalming, and more. In comparison, cremation makes it possible to skip many of these costs if you want to reduce the amount of money that is spent.
  • Resting Place: You also need to evaluate the place where you would like to lay the person to rest. When the body is put in a casket, then you need to choose a dedicated location, such as a cemetery. But, cremation gives you the flexibility to select a different place if preferred. The ashes don’t need to be placed in the cemetery if you don’t want to have a burial plot. Instead, they can be scattered at a beautiful outdoor location, or you can choose an urn that is placed in the home. Some families select multiple urns that are used for distribution to family members.
  • Traditions: Some religious practices and family traditions prefer cremation over burial. We are here to accommodate your cultural or tradition requests. Our team understands the importance of respect for the family traditions, and we can cater the cremation based on the needs of your family.

You can see that there are important reasons why you might choose cremation instead of placing the body in a casket. If you have questions about these services, then our team at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. is always here to assist.

How Costs Work With Cremation Services in Baltimore, MD

There are many reasons why people choose cremation over traditional burial, but one of the most common is cost. Cremation is less expensive than a full-body burial, and there are tax incentives for choosing cremation as well.

1.) Cost savings

When you die, you will go through at least two ceremonies: the funeral service and the actual burial or cremation service. The initial service can be costly since it includes not only funeral expenses like embalming fees, viewing, casket rental, etc., but also travel expenses for out of town relatives, catering food for guests who attend the wake/viewing/reception afterward, renting church space if needed, and paying priests or another clergy.

2.) Tax benefits

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you to deduct the full cost of a burial plot, headstone/grave marker, and casket from your taxable income. However, if you choose cremation as the final disposition, you can write off only the costs associated with cremation such as urns and transportation charges. Many states offer tax breaks for choosing an environmentally sustainable option like green burials where there is no embalming and minimal materials used in the burial container. Check with local government officials about any additional incentives that apply to these services.

3.) Savings on estate planning costs

If you create a will, burial arrangements are part of your statement of intent. A burial plot is often one of the more valuable assets that people own, making it an attractive target for thieves. When you are no longer around to protect your assets, it can lead to unnecessary legal costs as beneficiaries try to sort out what you had intended. These costs are not only emotionally painful but create financial hardship at a time when families are already under stress.

4.) Less pressure on family during the bereavement period

What’s worse than losing someone close to you? Having tough decisions made under duress regarding termination of life support or funeral arrangements. By planning ahead through cremation services beforehand, friends and family can provide emotional support instead of making important decisions in the midst of grief. This allows people who truly knew you to direct their energy to send you support and loving thoughts.

5.) Make a Realistic Plan for When You Die

The best thing about making funeral arrangements ahead of time is that it encourages people to talk about death. By talking about your mortality, you can make plans during your lifetime and not put pressure on yourself or loved ones when the time comes. This allows family members to make decisions with their emotions in check and plan for possible financial debt before grief sets in.

6.) Misconceptions About Cremation Services

When we think of funerals we think of burial; however, there are different types of funerals including Christian, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhist, etc.. There are also many forms of cremation services being offered in modern-day funeral homes. Some people think that all cremation services are expensive; however, this isn’t true.

Preplanning for Cremation Services

If you want to be cremated after you are gone, then it is important that you make your needs known with the family. You can share your requests with close family members. Additionally, you might consider preplanning services.

Our team will record the details for your future cremation. Then, we will make sure that your desires are honored after you are gone. Preplanning is a great way to reduce the stress that your family will face if they need to plan a funeral after you pass away. Creating a funeral plan right now will be the final gift that you will leave for the people that you love.

You can learn about cremation in Baltimore, MD by talking to the industry experts: Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. We invite you to visit our funeral home if you would like more information about the services that are offered. We have a convenient location in the area: 5126 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206. Or, call us if you have questions: (410) 327-3100

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

Cremation Service Options For Families

  • No Service At All
  • An Ash-Scattering Service
  • Memorial Services
  • Put Off Cremation

Why Are Cremation Services Easier?

When you are trying to arrange a budget around final services, it can feel daunting. Cremation services often feel easier because, to put it simply, they are lower in cost. If you are making pre-arrangements, you can pay for them in advance due to the lower cost. If you are arranging something for a loved one, you might be able to afford a cremation with more ease. Cremation services allow you to give the person in question a dignified send off without a high cost.

What To Know About Cremation Services?

Cremation is different than burials in that rather than the person’s body being placed in a casket and buried, their remains are heated up to a point that they turn to an ash-like substance. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to go with cremation today. IT’s the least expensive option, for one, which makes it easily obtainable to anyone who needs a final service. It also brings a lot more options to the table.