Cremation with a service

Cremation with a service provides family members and friends a healing experience through a funeral or memorial service that honors their loved one’s life.

With this option, cremation either may be preceded by a traditional service or follow a public or private visitation and memorial service, depending on the family’s wishes.

Although direct cremation is the least expensive of all options, cremation with a service remains a very affordable option for most budgets as well. It also provides families a wide variety of options for memorializing their loved one.

Options include internment of cremated remains, which may also include graveside services, the scattering of remains in a meaningful location, or the distribution of remains into multiple urns, each of which can be provided to an individual family member.

Essentially every option related to a traditional burial service is also available with cremation with a service, allowing families to create a tribute in whatever way is most appropriate for them.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the disposition option in which remains are cremated in the days directly following the death, without a funeral service beforehand or afterward.

Given that direct cremation does not include services such as a formal funeral or any pre-funeral events, such as visitations and viewings, it is the least expensive option for disposition of remains.

The body can be cremated in a simple container, rather than a casket. Because there is no viewing beforehand, there is no need for embalming or similar body preparations.

For these reasons, direct cremation is sometimes a consideration for families in economic situations in which they must keep expenses as low as possible.

Families of all income levels deserve to have their loved ones’ remains cared for professionally and respectfully, which is why we’re honored to provide direct cremation for such situations.