Funeral and Memorial Services

A funeral service provides many benefits. It allows family and friends and opportunity to memorialize their loved one, to share wonderful memories and declare to everyone in attendance how special that individual was in their lives.

It’s also an important part of the healing process. The bond that families and close friends share is a powerful force for helping one another make peace with their loss and appreciate how much caring they continue to share in their lives.

According to a 2015 study by the Funeral and Memorial Information Council, 82 percent of people polled said a service was “helpful in paying tribute to or commemorating the life of a friend or family member,” and 72 percent believed services they attended were “an important part of the healing process.”

It’s vital to remember that whether an individual is pre-planning for services or a family is making arrangements following a loved one’s passing, there’s plenty of flexibility in the process. We’re here to facilitate your wishes for the type of service that’s right for you.

We will listen attentively to your needs and expectations, and then share our experience on what would work best within that framework. We’ll help you determine the perfect arrangement for a service that honors your loved one and provides a supportive environment for everyone in attendance.

When a loved one dies, it’s understandable—at least initially—to want to get through the memorial process as quickly and with as little complication as possible. In truth, a well-planned funeral service provides a critical step in the process of grieving.

In a funeral service, families commonly hear stories from others that they had never heard before. Finding out how your loved one touched the lives of others, along with being surrounded by family and friends, can bring great comfort in a difficult time.