If a loved one passes on, you might find yourself scrambling to put together their final services while you are trying to grieve. Not everyone has planned ahead for themselves and that sometimes leaves it up to someone else to plan once they have passed on. It’s never going to be easy, but there’s a simple way to get through the situation with cremation services in Baltimore, MD.

cremation urnCremation is an affordable option that will cost (most likely) only half or less of what a traditional burial would cost. There are fewer services involved with cremation since you won’t need a casket, a plot of land, embalming, or many other things. If cremation is an option you would consider, you can certainly save quite a bit of money by going in that direction. If you feel your family members would appreciate cremation and your loved one was in favor of it, it is a good direction to head.

Keep in mind that cremation doesn’t mean you can’t have a service for your loved one. In fact, you are opening up the options for the type of service you can have. You can still do something traditional in a church or funeral home, but you can also take things outside of traditions and move to a house, a park, or anywhere in between. Services can be short and sweet, or longer and drawn out complete with a luncheon after. You can do whatever you see fit and that’s mainly because you have chosen cremation.

You can also have cremation done at different times. If you wish for your loved one to move directly to cremation after their death, that is called direct cremation. If you want cremation, but you need a chance to say goodbye first, you can have a visitation with your loved one present and then get cremation done later. You are able to pay your respects in any way you see fit when you decide on cremation, before or after the process has been completed.

Some family members even like to watch the cremation take place and that’s possible in some locations. Speak with the director of the crematory to see if viewing the process is possible. It can be a type of service all of its own as you get the closure you need in an intimate manner.

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