If you are in the midst of planning a service for a loved one with a funeral home in Baltimore, MD, not only can you, but you should delegate certain tasks to other people. Planning a funeral service can be very stressful because you are dealing with your grief while you attempt to honor a loved one who deserves a final service in their memory. But that doesn’t mean you have to do the whole thing alone. You should designate others to help you and delegate as much as you can. Here are a few of the things you can ask other people to do to lighten your load.

Figure Out Reception Details

Even if you want to do more of the funeral planning yourself, you can certainly have someone else deal with the reception. If you have an idea for what you want the event to be like, tell them, but let them get things organized. They can contact a caterer, arrange a potluck among family members, book a private room in a restaurant, or do whatever else is necessary to get something together so your family has extra time as a unit after the funeral takes place.

Order And Distribute Flowers

You might want a few specific flower arrangements for your loved one’s funeral, and you can often order those through the funeral home. But that doesn’t mean you have to be the one in charge of that part. That’s one of those details you can easily allow someone with style in your life to do for you. Not only could that person be in charge of ordering specific flowers, but they could also oversee flowers in general. You’ll likely get arrangements and plants from friends and co-=workers and that person could be in charge of keeping track of who sent what so you can write thank you notes later. After the funeral, they can also distribute the flowers as you see fit. Some might be placed on your loved one’s grave while others might be taken home by family members. There could still be some leftovers, which they might take to area hospitals or nursing homes to spread some of the beauty in those locations.

Memory Table or Video Options

You might want to have a memory table or a video that plays during the funeral to remind everyone of some of the best parts of your loved one’s life. You can pass that detail off to someone who knows them well and is talented in putting things like that together. Choose as many photos as you want to have included or let them do all of the legwork.

There are plenty of things you might want to arrange yourself when you are working on funeral homes in Baltimore, MD for a loved one, but you don’t have to do it all. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are also here to help with as much as possible. Call us at (410) 327-3100 or visit us in person at 5126 Belair Rd Baltimore, MD 21206.