Cremation services in Baltimore, MD have been around for thousands of years, but people have used them a lot more in recent decades. In fact, today, cremation is used in about half the cases. In the other half, people use traditional burials and funeral services. Since cremation has come on so strong, you might wonder when it will reach its peak. Experts say it isn’t there yet. In fact, the predictions are clear. In upcoming decades, cremation could take over as much as 80% of the market.

While there’s no telling exactly how fast that prediction might come to fruition, it’s easy enough to see why cremation has become more popular, and will continue to grow. Here are just a few reasons why cremation has become, and will continue to be, popular.

Fewer Costs

One of the biggest reasons people choose cremation is because it simply costs less. When you need final services, there’s nothing wrong with going for cremation because of the costs. It can be hard to afford a funeral if your budget is low. But cremation is much easier to fit in. There are fewer products and services needed with cremation, which is why the price tag is always less. That will continue to be the case and as more people realize it, more people will use it.

More Options

Not only does cremation cost less, but it brings more options to the table. You can have a memorial service, if you want, or you can have a full funeral followed by cremation. You can even have a celebration of life. People also like that there are varied final resting places outside of the cemetery option. Cremated remains can be scattered, kept, or placed in a variety of other locations. Those options are often attractive and are another big reason why people go with cremation.


Cremation used to be a huge unknown and people are often frightened of unknowns. Now, cremation has been explained and everyone can access information about it, if they want. More religions accept it and society as a whole understands what it’s about and accepts it for a viable final disposition method. Since people know it’s acceptable and honorable, they are more likely to choose it for themselves and family members.

Cremation services in Baltimore, MD

These are just a few of the reasons why cremation services in Baltimore, MD has become popular over the years and should continue to rise in popularity. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. offer a variety of cremation options, but we also want families to have the traditional options they may appreciate with a full funeral and burial. Whatever you’d like to do to honor your loved one, or whatever you want to plan in advance for yourself, we can put together for you. There are packages available to look over to get a good start and then you can customize whatever you’d like to make things truly special for whatever services you want.