People have held funeral services at funeral homes in Baltimore, MD for as far back as we can look. The history is long and well-documented. While traditions have changed over the centuries, the reason for funerals has remained the same. Funeral services carry deep meaning both for the deceased and for those who are left behind. They are a symbol of love, respect, and honor. While the ways that funerals come together may look different from culture to culture, the reasons people have them are pretty much the same. Here are some of the universal purposes behind funerals.

To Gain Closure

One of the big things people need when they are trying to get through the loss of a loved one is closure. They need to accept that the person is really gone and not coming back or they won’t be able to move forward with the healing process. Arranging a funeral means that you are accepting the reality of death. Those who attend can also mark the death and then move on with the grief and adapt to a new normal.

Get Support

When someone passes on, those who knew them are going to need support to get through the grieving process. That support comes from family, friends, funeral homes, and the community as a whole. Hosting a funeral brings important people together to get condolences, empathy, hugs, and support that means so much during such a hard time.

Honor The Loved One Who Passed

Funerals are important to the people who are grieving, but they also mean a lot in terms of honoring the person who passed away. Every life deserves respect and tribute and that’s what funerals do. You can personalize the services to give the person who passed the best sendoff possible. The funeral honors their life and marks their death as something meaningful.

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Express Emotions

There are times when people don’t feel comfortable emoting and crying, like at work, in the grocery store, and in many other everyday stations of life. But when you are at a funeral, you know it’s okay to cry over someone who has passed. Having this event gives everyone the opportunity to openly mourn and express emotions. It’s an important part of the healing process and can feel good to let it out among supportive friends and family.

There are plenty of other reasons to hold a funeral when someone passes away and if you want to go over some of those with funeral homes in Baltimore, MD, the professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are here to help. Keep in mind that funerals are traditional and there’s nothing wrong with going for a cremation with a memorial service. Those services can accomplish a lot of the same goals and can help you with your grieving process as well. Both services are completely honorable and respectful, and you can choose based on what you feel is best for your situation. We’re here to get you the information you need to make the right decisions.