There are no right or wrong reasons to choose cremation services in Baltimore, MD, but as cremation continues to rise in popularity, there are certain times when people choose it over a traditional burial that has become more standard. If you are working on your own services, or you have to plan for a loved one, see if you fit into any of these reasons or situations. It might help you decide that cremation is the way to go for your circumstances.

Budgets Are Low

If your funds are low and you want to pay for your services in advance or if your loved one didn’t leave any funds behind, that’s a good reason to go with cremation. Cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial because it requires fewer products and services. When funds are low for the services you need, cremation is acceptable and even honorable for anyone needing a trustworthy method.

The Person Wants It

If you want cremation, for any reason at all, that’s a good reason to go with it. If your loved one who passed away made it known that they preferred cremation, that’s another good reason to go that way. The person who will be using the service should be considered when making the decision. If you feel that’s the best option for you or for them, that’s a great way to go.

Plans Need To Be Put Off

Not every family can gather at a moment’s notice if you have a memorial service fast. When you want to put time between the death and the memorial service, cremation is a good way to go. With cremation, once the process is complete, you can have the memorial service whenever you want. You can allow your family time to plan and travel to the right location so more people can be there.

Cremation services in Baltimore, MD

Unique Resting Places Are Wanted

If you want a resting place other than the cemetery for yourself or your loved one, cremation is a must. If you want to be scattered or you want to keep ashes in an urn at home, you have to go with cremation. The only option for a traditional burial is a plot in the cemetery. For anything else, cremation is the right choice.

When you are thinking about what you want for your loved one’s final services, or for your own pre-plans, cremation services in Baltimore, MD are an option to consider. If any of the above sounds like your situation, you might want to consider it even more seriously. Both choices are completely honorable and respectful so you can’t go wrong. You just have to do your best in deciding which option is the best for your situation. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are there to help you weed through the options and choose what’s best for you. We will support and implement your decisions as you make them and show you the compassion you need along the way.