When someone passes away, we are accustomed to assuming that they are going to be buried in a cemetery. This is how it has been for years, and it will continue to be that way. But more recently, the growth of memorial gardens has opened the eyes of more people. They are very similar to graveyards or cemeteries, but their main purpose, outside of being a place to bury the dead, is to create a different atmosphere with their appearance. If you are curious about learning more about memorial gardens, funeral homes in Baltimore, MD can assist you in finding the information that you will need.

What Is the Purpose of a Memorial Garden?

A memorial garden is only different than a cemetery in terms of appearance. Their purpose is the same. They are meant to be a final resting place for the deceased. Memorial gardens are meant to get rid of the dark and gloomy atmosphere that so often accompanies cemeteries. There are beautiful and healthy trees, flowers, and even animals making their homes in memorial gardens. A memorial garden is a place where family members will not mind visiting. It will create good feelings.

How Will I Know If a Memorial Garden Is Right for Me?

If you are someone who values beauty and peace, then you should consider getting a plot in a memorial garden for yourself or your family member. You won’t regret it. Memorial gardens will allow you to visit your loved ones and not feel down and depressed. You will feel that they are truly at rest.


  • Overall Feeling – Chances are that you have visited a traditional cemetery. And while there is nothing wrong with them, they do not always bring out the most positive feelings. They can often do the opposite. But when visiting a memorial garden, you will have a hard time not feeling a more uplifting mood around you. There is beauty everywhere in the memorial garden.
  • Things To Do When Visiting: – Memorial gardens are built to be a more peaceful and wholesome final resting place for the deceased. Not only that but they are also meant to help the deceased’s family be able to visit without being bombarded with constant reminders of their death. Some memorial gardens have places to sit, walking paths, and even centers where the family can visit. The focus is always on making the family feel happy.
  • Appearance – The biggest and the main difference between a memorial garden and a more traditional cemetery or graveyard is the appearance. They both serve the same purpose, but a memorial garden looks so much different. There are healthy and strong trees, well-manicured lawns, and plenty of pretty bushes and flowers. These memorial gardens will sometimes have sitting areas where families can rest and have a moment of reflection about their loved ones. This makes it a place worth visiting, and not somewhere you stop in and leave after a few minutes. It’s a beautiful experience.

funeral homes in Baltimore, MDWhat’s listed above is just a small bit of what memorial gardens are all about. There is so much that they have to offer. If you and your family would like to know more about memorial gardens, you can contact funeral homes in Baltimore, MD for more information. You will be able to speak with someone that can clear up any confusion you may have regarding memorial gardens.