Most people don’t have to work with funeral homes in Baltimore, MD very often and most people don’t want to! When you have to work with a funeral home, you might assume certain things about the experience and about how the funeral home representatives will act. Those assumptions might not be right and it’s better for you to know the truth when you enter into a situation where you have to work with the funeral industry. Here are a few wrong assumptions you could make:

You Call The Funeral Home And They Decide Everything From There

In a way, when you call the funeral home, they really can take care of everything—but they won’t decide everything for you. Actually, they won’t decide anything for you. That’s all up to you. They will give you the information you need and the advice you might want, but they won’t make important decisions on your behalf. That’s your job and since you know your loved one the best, it should be. Funeral homes are there to support you and the decisions you make, but not to make them for you.

The Representative Will Be Somber

While the funeral home is often thought to be a place of somber solitude, it is also a place of hope and peace. When you speak with the funeral director, they will act with the right level of empathy and you will find compassion there as well. But it’s okay to tell them a funny story about your loved one and they may very well laugh. They will likely smile at you when you meet in person and act friendly. There are times to be sad when making plans, but there are also times when you need that friendly smile and that handshake to help you feel better about how things are working.

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The Funeral Home Is There To Make Money

Funeral homes are businesses so the costs they charge have to cover their expenses. But once you meet with a funeral director and perhaps even ask why they went into the business, you will understand that they are there to help. They aren’t trying to play off your emotions or gouge you into spending too much money. They felt called into the industry and genuinely want to help the people who need them.

There are other things you might assume about funeral homes in Baltimore, MD and while some of the things you think might be true, you might be surprised by how other things work. Contact the professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. with an open mind and see how things go. We’re here to help you through some of the hardest moments you have to face and we’ll support you and your family through them. We’re happy to offer advice, ideas, and suggestions, but we won’t decide anything for you. Rather, we’ll support the decisions you make and work through the list of things you need to get done before you can honor your loved one.