Many people do not want to attend memorial services, or funeral wakes. And when they need to attend funeral services, they have a hard time thinking about what to bring to a funeral wake. But first, is it essential to bring gifts to a funeral service?

Actually, it depends on what country you are living in or your belief when it comes to funeral wakes. However, for most, it is quite impolite to arrive at a funeral service/wake empty-handed, especially if you are close to the one who passed away. Therefore, many people are confused about what to bring to a funeral wake. If it is a birthday, it is easy to think of a gift. But, it is another way around when it comes to memorial services. And to help you solve your queries about what to give to a funeral or memorial service, we first observe what people bring during a funeral wake in funeral homes in Baltimore, MD.

Flowers – Flowers are the most common and usual gifts people bring to a funeral service. They are a simple way of showing sympathy to the deceased’s family and the person who passed away. Since Flowers are very common to people who visit a funeral service, they are even referred to as sympathy or funeral flowers by florists. When giving flowers to a funeral service, you can bring a flower or an entire bouquet. Some of the flowers that you can give are:

  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Orchids
  • Carnations

Food or Drinks – In many countries/cultures, bringing food to a funeral service is a tradition. Most of the bereaved ones often do not have the time to prepare food or drink. Therefore, it is convenient for guests to bring their own dish to relieve the family’s pressure. But remember to always pack your dish in disposable containers. If you are not sure what to cook, you can refer to the list below:

  • Cultural dish
  • Coffee or tea
  • Filling casserole or pasta
  • Desserts

Sympathy Cards – Another gift you can bring to a memorial service is sympathy cards. Sympathy cards are an excellent way of expressing your thoughts about the deceased and your message tofuneral homes in Baltimore, MD the bereaved family. This can be the best option if you do not have time to buy flowers or a bouquet. In addition, for sympathy cards, all you need is a short message expressing your condolences to the family. You can also insert a short message in it. Furthermore, sympathy cards are already enough. But you can always include these things if you want:

  • A gift card for a favorite restaurant.
  • Coffee gift card
  • Grocery gift card

Listed above are the most bought gifts at a funeral service in funeral homes in Baltimore MD. And if you are still undecided, you can choose between the gifts we presented above. You can also ask people around you about the best gift to bring to a funeral service. Now, you know what to bring to a funeral service, and you do not have a problem anymore.