When it comes to funeral arrangements, cremation is a standard option. But, what exactly happens at a cremation service, and how does it vary from other types of funerals? Cremation services in Baltimore, MD are here to clear your doubts.

What Happens During Cremation?

Mourners Make Their Way To The Crematorium

Mourners may either wait outside the crematorium for the hearse or go inside the chapel to wait for the casket before it comes. Alternatively, it is possible to have the coffin delivered to the location before the family members’ arrival.

For funerals, catafalques are often built, ornately adorned, and placed towards the front of the procession so that everyone may see them. Just before the start of the ritual, preparations are made for the cremation of the deceased. A cremation funeral ritual, which occurs before the cremation operation, often lasts 30 to 45 minutes. As a result, guests are expected to arrive at events on time or early.

The Commencement of the Service

Several hymns or musical pieces, as well as eulogies, might be included in a cremation order of service. Additional time might be reserved if the family wishes for a more extended service, including prayers or poems.

The Ceremony of Commitment Begins

When the service is over, the casket is usually not in view so that mourners can pay their final respects before the cremation. The coffin could be hidden by curtains, glass, or gate or removed entirely from the building.

Mourners Depart from the Service

Guests are invited to express their condolences to the deceased’s family, view the flowers and wreaths left by friends and relatives, then proceed to the wake.

The Wake

People may gather to honor the memory of a loved one with the help of this optional arrangement. Sharing memories in a more relaxed environment may be possible by providing refreshments, music, and displays of photographs of the deceased.

What Does A Cremation Service Include?

The family may place personal things in the coffin before the cremation.

  1. Wooden rosary beads, soft toys, and blankets are among the items that can be placed in the casket before cremation.
  2. Messages or cards printed on paper.
  3. Flowers, jewelry, and literature

Cremation Service Suggestions

Here are some tips for things you could add to your cremation service:

1. Place a framed photo of the deceased person at the front of the service.

2. Play music that the deceased appreciated before and after the service.

3. Read poetry or verse from a favorite book or poem.

4. Broadcast the cremation service live on the internet for those who cannot attend. Several crematoria offer video streaming services for individuals who cannot attend the service in person.

Cremation services in Baltimore, MDMemorial at the Crematorium?

A variety of memorial choices may be available at some crematoriums. An entry in the Book of Remembrance is the most popular cremation memorial. This will entail written access that includes the deceased person’s name and the date of cremation.

These are usually permanent tributes maintained safely in the crematorium and visited by family members if they choose. Check with your crematorium to see if an entry in the Book of Remembrance is possible.

Otherwise, you might want to consider erecting a memorial where you can bury or spread your loved one’s ashes, whether in a cemetery or elsewhere, such as parks or gardens. However, cremation services in Baltimore, MD proffers excellent services for cremation memorials.