Many people have difficulty choosing the color of the casket while planning a funeral for their loved ones. Although we do not want to plan for this situation, we will still go to a point where we need to prepare for a funeral of a loved one. And that’s where you need to decide what casket color you want your deceased loved one to have. Will it be his favorite color? Or will you choose what the color signifies? And in this article, we will help you decide what color you must choose when planning for a funeral. We observed a couple of funeral services at funeral homes in Baltimore, MD, to see what are the most used casket colors during a funeral service.

Three colors are widespread when it comes to the color of caskets. And below, we will show you the meanings associated with every color of a coffin.

White Caskets

The white color is associated with many meanings and symbolism. It is considered the purest color among all colors. Furthermore, white represents purity, innocence, cleanliness, simplicity, peace, and calmness. It is also known as the color of perfection and represents new beginnings. One of the advantages of using a white casket at a funeral is that they are mostly made of metals. Moreover, many flower arrangements are associated with the white color, so you will not have difficulty putting flowers around the deceased’s casket.

Blue Casket

Blue is one of the most adaptable colors that represents loyalty, trust, honesty, and responsibility. Blue also is fitted on funeral services as it means sadness or “feeling blue.” In addition, the blue color represents peace and tranquility. And although blue may represent a negative mood, this color can also mean calmness, wisdom, serenity, and authority. Blue signifies paradise, hope, healing, and mourning in other countries and practices. So, if the person used to be friendly or confident, burying them with a blue casket would be the best option.funeral homes in Baltimore, MD

Blue caskets are best paired with any color, like shades of white, gold, peach, or white. So, if you plan to have flower arrangements with a blue casket, you better choose the right color to associate it with.

Pink Casket

This color will probably be a stereotype, as it represents the color of womanhood. Many people may say that pink color is a girly color. However, pink symbolizes many positive characteristics like sweetness, purity, adventure, and romance. Nowadays, pink caskets are very popular among women and men, especially in the U.S.

Funeral caskets are essential items when holding a funeral service. Everyone must choose the right casket color based on the personality or meaning of the color. And just like the casket colors that we observed at funeral homes in Baltimore, MD, any casket color is okay as long as there are people who love and care for the person who passed away. And by reading this post, we hope you knew many things about casket colors and their meaning. But in the end, you still need to consider the person who passed away; and what color the person likes for a casket.