When people speak of cremation services in Baltimore, MD, what are the things entailed? Is it like a typical burial ceremony, or does it take another form?

Cremation services are fast gaining popularity in recent times. There are reports that many people are now ditching the traditional burial ceremony for cremation. However, for some people, the only thing they know about cremation is what they have heard others say. They are not sure of what happens in a cremation service.

This post is about answering all their questions.

What Happens at a Cremation Service?

The following are the things you would often experience at a cremation service:

The arrival of Mourners: At a random cremation service, you notice the assemblage of mourners outside the crematorium. There, they wait for the hearse to arrive. On other occasions, the mourners may stay in the chapel till the coffin is brought in. Also, there have been instances where the coffin is brought in and placed on the catafalque before the arrival of the mourners.

Arrangement of the Mourners in The Chapel: After the arrival or presence of the coffin has been confirmed, the mourners are arranged in the chapel where the service will hold. This happens before the cremation service starts. Each guest is expected to have been seated so that there can be an orderly service.

The Order of Service: Upon confirmation of the mourners’ arrangement in the chapel and the presence of the coffin, the service begins. The cremation service average takes between 35 and 45 minutes.

Depending on the families, there could be musical pieces, hymns, or even eulogies. There could also be a recitation of poems and prayers for the departed soul.

The Committal: After the order of service, the committal begins. Here, they obscure the coffins from the mourners’ views, and they are asked to pay their final respect. Some committals often come with options, such as moving the coffin behind curtains or a gate. It might also involve removing the casket from the curtain.

The Departure of Mourners: Once the committal has ended, the mourners know it is time to leave. But they don’t just leave. This is when they offer their condolences to the deceased’s family. It is also when they view the wreaths and flowers given by family and friends. If a Wake is happening, this is also the time that they make their way to the wake.

The Wake: The wake is not compulsory, so it is not always included in what happens at a cremation service. However, in the situation where it is included, the mourners combine to celebrate the life of the departed soul.

Here, the celebration includes drinks and food. Music is also played, and photographs of the deceased are displayed. Mourners are also encouraged to share some of their memories with the dead.

This wake, however, is often arranged in the instance where the deceased is an elderly person. If they are still young when they die, the path is frequently skipped. Or if held, the usual dining and wining are excluded for obvious reasons.cremation services in Baltimore, MD


Celebrating the life of a loved one is one of the reasons cremation services in Baltimore, MD, are becoming popular. What such service entails has been discussed above. This will make it easy for you to know what to expect whenever you have a cause to attend a cremation service. Contact us now.