It’s not very often that you have to plan funeral services in Baltimore, but when the task lies on your shoulders, you want to do things right. What will work best for your family? What would honor your loved one in the nicest manner? It’s not easy to be in charge of all of the decisions, but you are saddled with the responsibility for a reason so now you have to make the most of your position. Here are a few thoughts to help you through the process.  

Consider The Past 

If you’ve had deaths in your family before, what types of funeral services did the family hold? If they’ve always had traditional burials before, that might be the way to go this time around as well. If there’s been a mixture of traditional burials and cremations, you have options to consider. There might be a family church that often holds the ceremonies or perhaps one funeral home in particular. Take the past into account as you plan the funeral services for your loved one.  

Think Of The Departed 

If your loved one left any instructions, of course you want to follow them as closely as you can. If not, you need to think of them and what they would want as you make the plans. Did they like traditions or were they always bursting to try new things? Try to put yourself in their mind frame and decide what you should do based on what they would want. You also need to think of the family members left behind as well. They might need certain elements to get closure and to say goodbye and that’s important as well.  

Set A Timeframe 

If your family lives close together in towns right next to one another, the timeframe might not be a problem. Traditional burials usually take place within a few days of the death. If you’re rather spread out, it can take time for everyone to travel and gather for a service. You may want to put the service off a week or longer and go with cremation so you have that flexibility. It’s more important to have everyone together than it is to have a certain date on the calendar.  

Keep Costs In Mind 

You want to do everything you can to honor your loved one in the best possible manner, but funeral services cost money and you need to remember that. If there’s a certain budget in mind, keep things within that range so no one has to go above and beyond that monetary cost.  

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