We know all about caskets and how they work. We know the different looks, materials, and costs of caskets. They are maybe the first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks of a funeral. But those caskets, whether metal or wooden, do not go into the Earth on their own. Once lowered into the ground, the caskets sit in something called a burial vault. These are what hold the caskets and keep them secure and safe from the weight of the dirt on top, as well as the weather, water, and other elements. There is a lot to know about burial vaults. And if you are looking for help picking one out or understanding them further, you can contact funeral homes in Baltimore, MD.

What Is a Funeral Vault?

A funeral vault is a concrete enclosure that holds the casket. These are there to help the caskets keep safe and intact for a longer time. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they can also be made of different materials. These vaults are very important to the funeral process. They can also be expensive. It is important to know all that you can about these burial vaults.

Do You Need a Vault?

As stated above, the vault’s job is to protect the casket from the weight of the dirt that will be lowered on top of it. Without this, the weight will not only damage the casket, but it will also cause the ground to sink in. Most funeral homes will make you buy a vault for this reason. It would not only look unsightly, but it would also be very dangerous to have sunken ground near where people will walk. Also, for those on the coasts, the water level is much higher. These vaults can help keep water out of the casket.

What Types of Burial Vaults Are There?

Concrete Burial Vault – Concrete vaults are some of the most common vaults chosen because of their reliability. They are very safe and secure. They are usually the most expensive option, but they are worth it. They will keep the casket safe from any sort of outside elements.

funeral homes in Baltimore, MDMetal Burial Vault – Much like concrete vaults, metal vaults are very safe and secure. They provide the casket with ultimate protection for a long time. They are also made to withstand any sort of damage that may come from water.

Burial Liner – Burial liners are a great choice since both metal and concrete vaults can be very expensive. The difference between a liner and a vault is that the liner has no bottom to it. It still has the top, which will help to keep the dirt from sinking further into the grave. This is a good choice if you are looking to save money.

Urn Vault – If your loved one has been cremated, then you can buy a vault for their urn. It works similarly to a traditional burial vault.

Burial vaults protect the casket, but they also help keep the area around your loved one’s grave nice. If you need to know more about burial vaults, you can contact funeral homes in Baltimore, MD.