There are options for just about everything these days, including funeral services in Baltimore, MD. If you are planning your own services, or working on arrangements for someone who has passed away recently, you will want to consider the choices. While cremation is more popular today than it has been in past years, it’s not always the perfect fit for everyone. Some families find comfort in the traditions that come along with regular funeral services.  

Traditional funeral services generally take place within a few days of a person’s death. The body can be embalmed for a visitation, but the services and burial still take place within a couple of days. That can be a big comfort to some people. They know their loved one has died and in order to get closure and start to move on, they want to have those services sooner rather than later.    

A visitation is also often a part of funeral services. The visitation can be a comfort to those who need to say goodbye. They actually get to see their loved one’s body and get closure over the situation. They get to be surrounded by family members and friends who are grieving as well. This supportive event can help people get the comfort they need when they need it the most, as well as a chance to say a final goodbye.  

The funeral service itself is filled with certain ceremonies and rituals that can help families feel comfort. They see the casket come in and out of the funeral home, they sing hymns, hear readings, and choose someone to give a eulogy. After the funeral service, those in attendance often line up and follow one another to the cemetery to have a short burial ceremony. Taking their loved one to their final resting place can be of comfort as well.  

There are plenty of options and lots of flexibility that you can have with cremation, but funeral services are sometimes the right choice for some families. If your family appreciates traditions, has only had regular funerals before, or is just more comfortable with the ceremony of it all, it might be the way to go for your recently departed loved one.  

It can be hard to make the decision if you don’t know what your loved one wanted. Talking with family members can help and it’s also a good idea to speak with professionals who provide Baltimore, MD funeral services. Contact Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. by calling (410) 327-3100 to talk to the funeral director about the choices. We can lay out the options for you so you can better make informed decisions for your family. Talk over the best options with family members so you can ensure everyone is as happy with the services as possible. When you’re ready to talk in person, visit us at 5126 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206 and we’ll do whatever we can to help you in any way we can. Having the right final services for your family is important to honoring your loved one.