One of the advantages of organizing a cremation service is that it gives the deceased’s family more time. Usually, this time is used to get over the devastation of the loss and, of course, to plan a proper end-of-life ceremony for the deceased. If you have decided on cremation services in Baltimore, MD as a family, you need ideas to make the ceremony worthwhile. This post shares top thoughts that will fire up your cremation service.

Ideas That Will Give Your Cremation Service A Facelift

Since cremation offers the family members more time, they are expected to have gone out of their gloomy stage before a cremation service is planned. However, even if they haven’t, the burden of loss would not be as heavy as before. If this is so, then the following ideas will work perfectly.

Scattering at Sea: One of the exciting things you can try out is to scatter the ashes at sea. Though this is not uncommon, you can give yours a facelift. To do this, purchase a biodegradable urn and pour your ashes into it. These biodegradable urns come in different beautiful shapes and objects.

After this, you can place the urns in water and let them float. Since the urn is biodegradable, it won’t take time before it dissolves and releases the ashes in it. This is a beautiful sight to behold.

Photo Slideshow: You can decide to display the photos of the deceased slide after slide at the cremation service. This brings back the memories your guests have shared with the dead. You can decide to display the photos containing the deceased and their family or friends. It might also be the photos of the deceased in the different stages of their lives.

Sky Lantern: The scenery of this is nothing short of beautiful. For this, you can hand over a sky lantern to everyone present. You can also give everyone a note to write down what they admire about the deceased. After this, they put the message in the lantern, light the candles and release it into the sky.

Another exciting thing you can do is put the ashes in different balloons and hand each one to the guest. At the same time, everyone releases their balloon into the sky.

You can accompany the release of the lantern or the balloon with songs or prayers for the deceased.

In some cultures, this is considered sending a message to the deceased. Some also believe it is setting your loved ones free.

However, before you release the sky lantern, be sure you have confirmed with the appropriate authority that the weather condition permits it.

Ceremony Readings: You can do different readings to honor the deceased during their cremation service. You can recite a poem, hymn, or eulogy. Don’t forget to repeat that if you think the dead would have preferred a particular song, poetry, or melody.

All of these will keep the memories of the deceased alive and make the event more accommodating to the guests.cremation services in Baltimore, MD


Cremation services in Baltimore, MD, are not supposed to be gloomy. After the deceased’s death, you can add flavor to their end-of-life service with the ideas above. However, more important is to consider if the deceased would have wanted that kind of event at their end-of-life ceremony. If yes, then go ahead. If otherwise, you can just stick to the traditional end-of-life ceremony without any glamor.