When your family member passes away, you might know they want cremation services in Baltimore, MD because they made that known to your family in some way or another. But even if you know that desire, you may not know what kind of services they want around their cremation. Or perhaps they wanted to leave that up to your family to decide what was best. Whatever the situation may be, if you get to decide, there are three popular options to choose.

Funeral Before Cremation

One way to get the best of both worlds is to have a visitation and funeral and then move forward with cremation after that. Your family can say a final goodbye, get the closure they need, go through the traditions they’re used to, and then have the cremation done at that point. Once cremation is complete, you can have a memorial service or ask scattering, too, if you wish.

Direct Cremation And Memorial Service

Direct cremation has become one of the more popular options because it is the most cost effective, simple way to go. With this method, cremation is done soon after death, once the paperwork is complete, with no services beforehand. After direct cremation occurs, the family can then have a memorial service at any time. This service can be done right away, like a funeral, or it can be put off a few weeks or even longer. The memorial service can feel much like a regular funeral with many of the same traditions or it can be more unique, like a gathering in a park.

A Celebration Of Life

Funerals are known for being sad and somber, but final services don’t have to be that way. If you don’t think your family member would have liked the idea of people gathering and crying over their death, there’s no reason to go that direction. Instead, many people are doing celebrations of life today. While it’s sad that your loved one is gone, they lived a good life and that’s reason to celebrate. These events can be unique and customized to your loved one’s personality and include lively music, pictures, bright clothing, and other details that are more uplifting.

When you are trying to plan cremation services in Baltimore, MD for your loved one, think about their personality and what suits them the best. You also want to consider your family and what they might need for the final services. While they revolve around your loved one, they are for your family as well. If you need advice, or are ready to make plans, contact the experts at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. by calling (410) 327-3100. We’re here to answer questions and even give you recommendations based on what we hear your family might need. You can visit with our funeral director in person or take a tour of our facilities at 5126 Belair Rd Baltimore, MD 21206 to make sure we have the space you need if you’d like to have a service here.