Not often do people get to attend funerals, which may reason not to know funeral customs. Thinking of taking flowers to a funeral can be challenging and confusing, especially if it’s your first time at a funeral; funeral homes in Baltimore, MD can help erase the confusion on whether to bring flowers to a funeral or not.

Most funerals require you to come alone, although bringing flowers or gifts depends on your role in the deceased’s life. It’s most appropriate to send flowers to the deceased home before or after the burial; it’s the best way to show sympathy for the life lost, especially if you lack the words to say.

Sending flowers shows that you are thinking of the family and hope they can carry on with life with the loss of their loved one. Suppose you find out about the death of the person after the funeral. In that case, you can still send your love through flowers to the bereaved family, as most families feel happy that they are still thought about even though the funeral ceremony is over; and in the difficult time, they find themselves.

If you’re a regular guest with no notable ties to the deceased, it would be most appropriate to just come by yourself and not come along with flowers. Most times, only the close family’s flowers will be put on the coffin during the funeral service. If you must give flowers, send them to the funeral homes or the family home; you can take gifts like a card with words of encouragement or food.

Sending flowers to funerals is also dependent on the deceased religion; you do not want to come off as offensive at the deceased’s funeral service by going against the family’s belief. Like Catholics, protestants, and Pentecostals, Christians have no problem with flowers at their loved one’s funerals.

Islamic families may have mixed feelings on the concept of flowers at funerals; since you may not be sure, it would be best to go by yourself to honor the deceased. If the deceased was a Buddhist, sending flowers or taking flowers to the funeral is considered proper. Jews and Hindus do not have it as part of their tradition for flowers to be sent, so it may come off as offensive, sending or bringing flowers to the funeral ground of the deceased.

funeral homes in Baltimore, MDYou may wonder on size, type, and kind of flowers to send to the bereaved family; you can choose to send a basket, wreath, bouquet, you can also choose to send orchid, tulips, rose, lilies; lilies are preferable because they symbolize sympathy, but this isn’t to say other flowers are not appropriate to send to the funeral.

Ultimately, giving flowers before and after a funeral shows that you care about the deceased and their life; however, the family’s beliefs need consideration before picking flowers and sending them to the funeral home or the family’s house. Funeral homes in Baltimore, MD can carefully select flowers taken to funerals.