When you hear that one of your friends has lost a loved one, there are plenty of things you can do to show your support. Funeral homes in Baltimore, MD will often get cards and flowers send to them in honor of a family who has lost someone and that’s almost always an acceptable gift and thought. Here are a few things that can help you send the right thing at the right time.

See That The Family Wants Flowers

Check the person’s obituary or call the funeral home and see what the family has said about flowers. In the death announcement, it might say that they would prefer donations to a certain charity instead of flowers. Or, if they want a simple funeral, they might not want flowers at all. Most families are fine with, appreciate, and are touched by the gift of flowers. But make sure before you send something they don’t want.

Consider The Person’s Favorites

If you are sending something to a friend who has lost a loved one, think about that person’s favorites in terms of flowers. If you know they have always adored roses, perhaps choose a rose in a nice color to tell them what you are feeling towards them right now. Yellow roses mean friendship, for example, and white roses are nice for funerals and show peace and purity. Red can show your love and compassion for them. There are plenty of options and if you know the person you are trying to comfort has a flower preference, that can be nice to showcase your bond that you know that about them.

Find A Florist To Help

There are plenty of florists in your area and some might specialize in weddings and other things, but there are also florists that help with a lot of funerals. You want experts who can help you figure out what kind of arrangement you want for your friend to show your support and come up with something beautiful that can decorate the service in the background.

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Get A Budget Into Place

Before you go all out with a huge arrangement only to find it’s way more than you were planning to spend, figure out how much you want to spend and then tell the florist what your range is so they know what they have to work with.

Have Delivery At The Right Time

You are going to want the flowers delivered to the funeral home before the final service, but not so early that they will be wilted by the time of the final service. If you aren’t sure about timing, the florist can help you with that as well. Let them know when the service is and they can offer suggestions.

The professionals at funeral homes in Baltimore, MD can also help you with advice if you want to ask questions about flowers and what you should send. The experts at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are here to help you support those in grieving.