When you work with funeral homes in Baltimore, MD to arrange final services for a loved one who has passed on, you know you are doing something in their memory. But life is going to move on and there will be any number of other things you will want to do to remember them as the years go by. When the holidays come around, as they always do, there are plenty of things you can do in their honor to keep their memory alive. Here are a few suggestions to help you get through what can often be a difficult time of year.  

Organize A Charitable Event 

If your loved one supported a certain charity, or liked to buy gifts for families in need over the holidays, one thing you can do is take up their cause and carry it on in their memory. You can take over what they did or you can go bigger and organize some kind of event to benefit what they loved. Even just collecting money for a certain charity to donate in their name can go a long way and you will have their memory close to you the whole time you are in action.  

Cook Their Favorites 

No one cooks just like your loved one did, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to have their favorites on the table. If they were known for a certain dish, trying to make it will help you appreciate them even further and when you taste it, you will remember them fondly—even if it doesn’t taste quite the same. You can also leave a place at the table empty for them so everyone remembers them throughout the meal.  

Add A Special Ornament 

Most of your ornaments are probably special in some way or another, but this year, buy something unique and special that will remind you of your loved one. You could create a customized ornament with their picture on it or just find one that reminds you of them for whatever reason. Whenever you hang it, their memory will come back to you.  

Collage The Cards 

When your loved one passed away, you probably got a lot of sympathy cards from friends and family members. Get those cards out and create a collage or scrapbook of the cards so you can look at them, remember your loved one, and appreciate those who support you through the hard times.  

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