Going to the funeral home in Baltimore, MD to support a friend or co-worker can feel very awkward. You feel very bad that they have lost a loved one, but you don’t really know what to say to make them feel better. Here’s a tip to remember—nothing you say or do can really make them feel better. But your presence is very comforting. They know you are there for them and that says a lot. If you do get a chance to speak to the bereaved, here are some ideas for things to say—or not say.

First, you should keep things simple. The people who are grieving probably have a lot of people to speak to and they are going through a hard time as it is. You can just tell them that you are sorry for their loss and leave it at that. You don’t have to have anything long, eloquent, or well-thought-out. Simple and to the point is just fine.

Second, you shouldn’t compare their loss to something you have been through. Just because they lost their mom and you lost yours, too, doesn’t mean you really know what they are feeling. Telling people you know what they are going through doesn’t help anything. It can feel disrespectful and like you are trying to compare them to you or their experiences to theirs. They are different than you are and even if you lost similar people in your life, you can’t compare the grief to each other.

Third, remind them that you are there for them. After you tell them you are sorry for their loss, you could add that you are there for them. That show of support is always a nice touch. You can also repeat that show later by calling them to check-in. Perhaps invite them out for coffee or remind them at that time that you are there to listen if they need an ear for stories, or a shoulder to cry on. Telling them you are there for them is nice, but following up later will be even better.

If you have more time to fill and you have a story about their loved one, like perhaps a time when that person touched your life, it’s always nice to share those. You might not have time at the funeral home so you can always save that story for another occasion when you meet to have lunch or something else.

It can be hard to figure out how to act at funeral homes in Baltimore, MD when you are there to support someone who has lost a loved one. But you don’t really have to do anything special. In fact, you don’t really want to stand out. Sharing your support and sympathy is plenty. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. can help you feel more comfortable with your role in the final services if you want. Give us a call and we’ll go over some of the things you might share at that service.