More people are choosing cremation because it provides more flexibility, among other things. Families will have more alternatives for the final resting location if the body is cremated and can schedule the memorial service at a convenient time. For instance, some families design a cremation or scattering garden to spread the ashes of a loved one in a picturesque area.

We want to support you in your endeavor. But before we go through the steps, please think about these ideas about cremation gardens. And if your family is looking for a cremation service, visit cremation services in Baltimore, MD.

Consider these issues before establishing a location for spreading ashes:

If you have to leave the property, how will it make you feel about leaving your loved one’s remains behind?

Will it worry you that you can’t go to the scattering garden since the land is owned by someone else? Have you given any thought to public scattering gardens in your neighborhood cemetery or neighborhood?

One advantage of a traditional burial is that the body’s remains will remain in the same location and be memorialized permanently. As a result, some families decide to inter cremate ashes in a grave or a columbarium niche.

Making a Scattering Garden: Three Steps

When designing a scattering garden, recollection, seating, and meaningful landscaping are the three main factors to consider.

First step: memorials

Some families decide to create memorial gardens for their loved ones there. On Etsy, various outdoor memorial products are available that can be customized. Before you erect a permanent memorial (like a headstone in a cemetery), think about the issues that can become problematic if the land changes hands.

Consider the following for monuments that are not permanent:

  • Plaques
  • Stones
  • Windchimes
  • Stakes
  • Stones for steps
  • Metal markers

Second Step: Stealing areas

You and your family will have an area for quiet thought with benches next to your garden.

Third Step: Landscapingcremation services Baltimore, MD

Naturally, the trees, plants, and flowers you use or grow in your scattering garden will depend on the climate where you live. When planning the landscape, take your loved one’s tastes into account. Also include symbolic plants like forget-me-nots and peace lilies. Others include a pond or other water features.

Cremation gardens provide a space for introspection, meditation, and prayer. You may also experience therapeutic benefits from gardening activities.

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