Have you ever heard someone say, “I put my affairs in order”? Do you know what that means? It could be interpreted a number of ways. First, they could have arranged their own Baltimore, MD cremationSecond, they could have gotten a will written up. But most likely it means they have put together a number of documents that all pertain to the end of their life. It’s not easy to stop what you are doing in your everyday life to round these things up, but when you pass on, it can help your family quite a bit to have everything in order. If you want to get your affairs in order, use this guide to help you know what to do.  

Gather Or Create Essential Documents 

There are a number of documents that your family members will need and search for when you pass on. A will is one such document and tells them how you want your assets distributed among those who are beneficiaries. You get to appoint an executor who will oversee that distribution. A living will is also a good document to have written up by a lawyer. That document will go over medical treatments you do or don’t want in a number of different circumstances in case you are not able to decide. This alleviates pressure and stress from family members who may not know what to do in certain situations. They can look at your living will and know what you want. You should also appoint a power of attorney to handle your finances and other things if you are unable to do so yourself. That document is only good while you are alive, not after you pass on. Visit with a lawyer to get these documents in order. They will keep a copy and they will give you copies that you can hand off to those who need them or keep in a fire proof safe in your home.  

Other Useful Documents 

There are a number of important documents that you collect over your years of life and many of them are important after you pass on. You have them around, but if you gather them in one location and label them, it can be very helpful after you are gone. Collect things like bank account statements, credit and debit card statements, and mortgage documents. You will also want to have you medical, life, and car insurance details around as well as passwords to registrations and accounts that might need to be closed out.  

This guide will give you a start to getting your affairs in order and it’s never too early to have things line up. When you need help arranging the Baltimore, MD cremation portion, contact Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. by calling (410) 327-3100. We can help make pre-arrangements or give you advice on other things you need to organize for the sake of your loved ones. You can stop by with your questions or to meet our funeral director at 5126 Belair Rd Baltimore, MD 21206.