Everyone deserves to have the funeral service they want and if you want cremations services in Baltimore, MDthe best way to guarantee it is to arrange it yourself in advance. That way, your family knows just what you want when the time comes, and they are relieved of the burden of making arrangements themselves. While anyone can arrange their final services in advance, making plans and paying for those plans are two different things. Should you go ahead and pre-pay for the plans you put into place? Here are a few reasons why that might be a good idea:  

Reason 1: Get Today’s Rates 

You know there’s no end in sight to rising costs and if you plan and pay for a cremation service today, the deal is done. Whether you live five, ten, twenty or even more years, the price for your cremation service is set and taken care of. Imagine how much more things are going to cost decades from now than they do today. You get to lock in a nice, low rate and take care of those costs right away. The funds you have left in your accounts can go to your family members instead of taking care of more expensive funeral costs.  

Reason 2: Relieve Family Of Burdens 

People who pay for their cremation service in advance often do so in order to alleviate that burden from family members later. It’s great to arrange your services in advance so your family knows just what you want. It’s even better to pay for those services so they don’t have to worry about that, either. In a way, it’s like a gift to your family. They know what you want for your services and they don’t have to pay a thing to get them for you.  

Reason 3: Lock It All In 

You can be pretty sure that your cremation service will go as planned if you plan in advance with a funeral home. However, you are even more certain that it will if you have paid for everything in advance. There’s no room for changes, that way, and you will get the plans that you really want to move forward when your time comes.  

Are you ready to start planning cremations services in Baltimore, MD? Whether you want to pre-pay as well, or you aren’t sure yet, the professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. can help. Give us a call at (410) 327-3100 and we’ll set up a time for you to consult with our funeral director at 5126 Belair Rd Baltimore, MD 21206. You can go over options, examine packages, and take some time to think over what you really want. Some people like to talk to family members as well and see what they would need to get closure in their time of grief. Whatever your process is, we’re here to help ensure that things go smoothly, and you can get your plans in place so there are no more worries in the future.