Recent years have taken a toll on how we hold funeral services and commemorations for loved ones that have passed away. The introduction of Covid-19 meant that funerals and celebrations of life were placed on hold, so people had to get creative with commemorating their loved ones. Cremation services in Baltimore, MD, were still simple and easy, with direct cremations leading the way in disposition methods. However, the funeral itself was a little more challenging.

In times of sickness, virtual funerals and celebrations of life have become a popular option. Video services like Facebook Live and Zoom offer ways for families and friends to get together without actually “getting together” in uncertain times. Friends and family can tell stories, make dinners that they enjoy together but apart, share laughs and tears, then sign out of the virtual call with a new sense of connection.

Does a Virtual Funeral Have to Be Organized?

The only thing you need to organize about a virtual funeral is the time and platform where everyone is scheduled to meet. Virtual funerals aren’t formal, and they aren’t meant to replace traditional formals. Think of these as more celebrations of life, but in the digital world. You will talk, cry, laugh, and reminisce, sharing your grief together, then move forward with your individual mourning process after you log off.

Remember – the end of a funeral, virtual or otherwise, doesn’t signify the end of grief. You are still in the throes of loss and sadness, but funerals and togetherness can help you cope a little easier. Even virtual funerals can help make the grieving process easier because you don’t feel alone in your loss.

What are Other Options of Virtual Remembrance for a Deceased Loved One?

If funerals aren’t in your plans, you can still give friends and family a place to mourn on the world wide web. Opt for social media platform pages, like remembrance pages, that offer options for memorial messages. Make the page something that loved ones can contribute to over time, so there’s no rush in posting something in remembrance right away.

Another virtual funeral favorite that’s picking up steam is personalized emails. Create an email address for the decedent, then give it to friends and family. They can write lengthy emails and tributes, pour their feelings out into the written words, and then email those letters to the address. It can be a cathartic way for loved ones to gain closure after the death of someone they cared about.

You Can Ask for Help When Planning a Virtual Funeral Service! 

Cremation services in Baltimore, MD

Funeral homes have become savvy to virtual funeral services, and funeral directors are there to help when you need a proverbial (or literal) shoulder to cry on.

When in doubt, use a reliable, affordable funeral home for cremations then discuss the organization of a virtual funeral with the funeral director. They can give you direction and help you outline a plan for a more formal, organized funeral via the internet.

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