When you have cremation services in Baltimore, MD, there are plenty of ways to infuse memories into the day. Perhaps there’s a memory table, filled with pictures and memorabilia. Maybe you run a video with songs and pictures. And everyone is talking about your loved one and remembering the best times in their life. But once the cremation service is over, how can you ensure your loved one isn’t forgotten? Here are a few ideas to help you and others keep them in mind.

Distribute Copies Of The Video

If you or someone else put together a tribute video to play during the service, that’s a very special part of the day. Everyone will enjoy seeing your love done during certain times in their life. One way to keep their memory with everyone who attends Is to make copies of that video and let everyone take one home with them. Whenever they want to think about your loved one, they can watch the video and see the pictures along with the music to enjoy the memories all over again.

Scrapbook Memories

If you put together a memory table, that table will be taken down after the service. But that doesn’t mean you have to pack the memories that were on it away. Take those pictures and place them in a scrapbook. Or, you can put together a digital book online that you can print copies of for yourself and other family members. That way, everyone has something to remember your love done by whenever they come to mind.

Pass Out Pictures

Remember when you got wallet sized pictures of yourself in school? You would pass them out to friends and family members, so everyone had a copy. Why not print out some special pictures of your loved one and have them at the service? People can grab a copy of their favorite to take along with them. They can hang it on their fridge, put it in their wallet, or place it in a scrapbook of their own to remember them by.

There are a lot of other things you can do to ensure that no one forgets your loved one once the services are complete and everyone tries to move on to a new sense of normal. These are just a few ideas to get you started on thinking down that path.

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