Cremation services have gained steamed over the last few decades as the most prevalent, predominant disposition method for the deceased. Death is never an easy thing to deal with for anyone, but cremation services in Baltimore, MD have helped millions of friends and families better cope with the passing of their loved ones. How so? Cremation is a quick and simple process with several variations that loved ones can implement to customize specific services for their decedents. 

Some people view the process of burials and cremations as morbid, so it’s still considered slightly taboo to openly talk about funerary arrangements and disposition methods. However, cremation uses intense heat in open flames within an enclosed space to reduce a body to ashes. Organic matter, such as hair and skin, is burned away, and fire purifies the bones. These bones are then ground into a finer powder before loved ones receive the ashes back as keepsakes or for specific, customized disposal. 

Is the Cremation Process Quick? 

To the title question – there are several cremation services options for loved ones to choose from. Some people choose a quicker method called direct cremation, where there is no formal service or preparation of the body. Other people go the traditional cremation route, complete with full preparation of the decedent. 

Direct cremation takes a matter of days. One to three, to be exact, depending on where you go for cremation services. Classic cremation can take up to two weeks. That process includes body preparation, any wait times for services and viewings, the cremation process itself, processing the remains, then the return to family and friends.  

The process of burning takes ninety minutes to two hours. After that, it’s another hour or two for crematorium workers to grind the remaining bones into finer powders and place them into a provided urn or box for retrieval. 

Disclaimer — There might be small fragments of leftover bones. Don’t be alarmed! This is normal! While most crematoriums go to great lengths to grind bones into finer powders, there might be some fragments that escape the process. 

Are There Restrictions on What Loved Ones Can Do with a Decedent’s Ashes?

Every year, hundreds of peoples’ ashes are scattered at seas around the world. There’s nothing illegal about scattering the ashes of a loved one in the oceans, but there are rules and regulations. For instance, the ashes must be entirely ground and easily dissolvable in the waters.

As for other locations to scatter ashes, everywhere is different. If your loved one had a favorite place where they would want to be forever and always, the best thing you can do is talk to the person or committee in charge of that location. In most cases, as long as the ashes are easily scattered and cause no pollution or damage, most places don’t have an issue with ashes being scattered. cremation services Baltimore, MD

The Bottom Line

Cremation services are varied, and families and friends are welcome to peruse their options to prepare the best services that match their needs. You have choices and there are plenty of funeral directors and crematorium workers who would be happy to help you sort through those big decisions to lay your loved one to rest. You can learn more about cremation services in Baltimore, MD. Talk to us at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. to schedule a consultation and learn about cremation services/funeral home services. Visit our office in Baltimore or call our location.