As is true with most things in life, there are choices when it comes to final services. The two basic choices are traditional services and cremation services in Baltimore, MD. If you’ve only ever experienced traditional burials before, you might wonder how cremation services are different. Here are a few examples of the differences:  

The Disposition Method Itself 

The most obvious difference between traditional burial and the cremation service is the disposition method itself. In traditional burial, your loved one’s remains are placed in a casket and buried. With cremation, the body is turned into ash, at which time you can bury the remains, scatter them, or keep them in an urn.  

The Options Involved 

When you choose a traditional burial, most things are lined up, in the same way, every time. Of course, there are ways to customize services, but the decisions are straightforward. You will want to choose, for example, what casket your loved one will be buried in and who will officiate the service. If you choose cremation services instead, there are a lot more options involved. You not only get to choose when you have a memorial service (and it can be days or even weeks later), but you also get to choose what type of service. The service can be similar to a funeral, or it can be more of a celebration of life. Cremation services let you have a lot more flexibility in when, where, and how you honor your loved one.  

The Final Resting Place 

With traditional burial, the final resting place is going to be a cemetery. You’ll have to buy a burial plot and headstone and you might want to have a small burial service after the funeral occurs. For cremation, the final resting place is more open-ended. You can bury the cremated remains within an urn, or just in ash form. But you can also scatter them, or keep them in your home. There are endless options as to what you can do in terms of the final resting place.  

Cremation services really are quite different than traditional services. However, keep in mind that they aim to accomplish the same goals. Ultimately, you want the final services you have for your loved one to honor your loved one with respect and dignity. The good news is that both traditional services and cremation services can do just that. The difference is that you are able to have more options and choices if you go with cremation.  

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