Funerals are a long process. Most people often think of them as just the funeral itself, and then the burial. But there is so much more that goes into a funeral. One of the more important parts, and one that is commonly overlooked, is the wake. For wakes, people will gather and spend time with one another. Wakes can happen a day, maybe even two, before the funeral takes place. These events are meant to be lighthearted, but there is still plenty of planning that goes into them. If you are looking for more information about hosting a wake, or you have a few questions, you can contact funeral homes in Baltimore, MD. They will love to help you with whatever it is that you need. Do not be afraid to reach out.

What Is a Wake? How Do Wakes Work?

Wakes are a gathering of friends and family members who were close to the person who has passed away. Most wakes focus on getting together and sharing stories about the deceased. Some wakes can take place at the actual church or funeral home with the body present, and others may take place in a person’s own home. Wakes are a good way to let people who are feeling down about losing a loved one know that they are not alone.

Is It Necessary to Have a Wake?

There is nothing that says you need to have a wake. Some people will opt out of wakes and just set a date for the funeral. But wakes allow for people who may not be able to show up to the funeral to come and pay their respects to the family. Ultimately, the choice of whether you want to have a wake or not is up to the family making the decisions regarding the funeral.

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What Is Needed for a Wake To be Successful?

There isn’t one right way to go about having a wake. It’s truly whatever you want it to be, and what you feel would have made the deceased happy. Wakes can take place at home, at a church, at a funeral home, or wherever you would like them to happen. Below is a list of some things to consider when hosting a wake.

· Location: The place you host your wake is very important. If you plan to make your wake a dinner, then you should make sure that the intended guest are aware of this. Also, you should let any restaurant that you are planning on visiting know ahead of time just how many people to expect there. If you are having it at a home, then you will not have to worry about anything. Both are great choices.

· Food: Having food available is always a good way to calm people and create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. It will allow people to relax and open up. The food doesn’t have to be extravagant. You could serve finger foods if you wanted to.

Hosting a wake is a great way to ease people into getting ready for the actual funeral. Wakes can still be very emotional events, but you will not regret the choice to have one should you choose to. If you require more help when it comes to hosting a wake, you can contact funeral homes in Baltimore, MD for more information.