If a co-worker you enjoy is going through a tough time because someone they loved has passed on, you want to help, but what can you do? What is professional and what crosses the line? Once Baltimore cremation and any memorial services are complete, your co-worker will likely head back to work. That doesn’t mean they’re done grieving and there are things you can do to help them through the tough situation.  

You Are Important 

Once your co-worker is back at work, you could play a very important role in their recovery. They are at work more than anywhere else and that means they are away from family members and friends who are going through the situation with them. That leaves you and their other work friends. Don’t underestimate your efforts in their recovery and instead, understand what an importance difference you can make.  

Attend The Final Services 

If the memorial service is open to the public, it’s important that you attend, especially if you want to help your co-worker through things later. Your show of support will be appreciated, and you can begin your compassion right away with the actual service. Cremation is different than a traditional service and the memorial might be held in a park or other locations. As long as it’s okay for you to go, it’s a good idea to attend.  

Off Work-Related Help 

You can assume that family members are taking care of your co-worker on the off-duty hours, but at work, it’s all you. Offer to help your friend by taking care of small tasks they normally do for the time being. Even simple things, like making copies for them or grabbing them a cup of coffee, can take the load off them when they return.  

Be There For Bursts Of Grief 

There will be times when your co-worker seems fine and other times, they may be overcome with sadness and grief. When they have a rough time at work, be there for them. Tell them when they return you are always there to listen or give them a shoulder to cry on. If you notice a sad burst, go to them. If not, hopefully they will come to you when they need your compassion.  

Emit Understanding 

Someone who is grieving might make more mistakes because their mind isn’t completely on the job. Be understanding when them and help them fix things that may have gone wrong because of their grief.  

It’s never easy to lose a loved one and going back to work can be especially hard. As a co-worker to someone going through a tough time, do your best to support your friend in the workplace.  

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