Industries around the world are doing their part to try and curb the harm that is coming to the Earth. This is being done by reducing pollution, finding easier and safer ways to do things, as well as creating new products that reduce harm to the environment. It’s a lofty task, but it is one that will help further down the road. The funeral industry is one of these industries trying to do its part to help. One of the ways they are trying to help is by offering families the chance to have green funerals. These funerals are meant to be safer for the environment. If you and your family would like to know more about green funerals and if they are right for you, cremation services in Baltimore, MD can help you with everything you will need to have a great funeral.

How Does a Green Funeral Work? What Are They?

Green funerals don’t differ too much from traditional funerals. They may follow the same routine as a traditional funeral, in the sense that there is a wake, funeral, and then a burial. But the difference between the two comes in what types of materials are used in the two types of funerals. Green funerals are focused on making sure that they keep the safety of the environment in mind!

What Are Some of the Benefits of a Green Funeral?

· Hazards and Environmental Dangers – The largest benefit that comes from the green funeral is the lack of harm that is done to the environment. This is done by different types of caskets, clothing, and the fact that green funerals usually do not involve the use of formaldehyde. Over years, as the body begins to break down, the formaldehyde that was injected into the body to keep it from breaking down will escape the body. This can get out of the casket and cause harm to the Earth around it. Green funerals reduce the chance of that happening by doing away with formaldehyde altogether.

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· Cost – Green funerals are also cheaper than traditional funerals. This is a factor that will greatly benefit you. The price is lower for plenty of reasons. The caskets in green funerals are usually made from materials that aren’t expensive. They can be cloth, wooden boxes, cardboard, or anything biodegradable. As mentioned above, green funerals do not use formaldehyde in the body. The process of embalming can also be expensive. Without it, the price is drastically different.

· Ease – While no funeral is easy to get through, green funerals come with an ease that some other forms of funerals don’t. Since things are pretty straightforward, and the planning is usually not too elaborate, these events can be easy for families. They may be different from a traditional funeral, but they are just as special to the family.

If you and your family are interested in learning more about green funerals, you can contact funeral homes in Baltimore, MD. They would love to help you with any questions you may have.