Has your boss ever told you that you went the extra mile? Perhaps you got an award for doing so or, even better, a bonus. It’s nice when you feel like you got that service yourself, even at the grocery store. You ask where a certain item is and instead of just telling you the aisle number, the employee takes you to the exact shelf. That’s going the extra mile! If you have to use the services of funeral homes in Baltimore, MD, when given the choice over regular services and a company that goes the extra mile, you want the extra, right? When you utilize services within the funeral industry, it usually means you are making plans for a loved one who has passed on. You want nothing but the best and you might need help you don’t even know you need. Which is why having a company that will do everything you need and then some is imperative. Here are a few extra miles the right funeral home will walk for you.


Every funeral home has a list of their services along with the costs of each. But funeral homes that are willing to go further for you will also offer suggestions. They won’t ever make decisions for you, but once they get to know you (and your loved one through you), they might have ideas that would suit your family. You can choose a package and keep it simple, but customization is very popular to honor that special person in a unique way. Funeral homes willing to walk the extra mile will offer suggestions to make things even better for your family.


Some funeral homes might tell you what needs to be done and when and then leave those details up to you. But funeral home representatives that are truly there for you are going to help you with everything, every step of the way. They may lay out what needs to be done and when, but they won’t let you forget anything important and they won’t let any important deadlines pass you by. There’s no need to start a list on your phone with reminders because they’re there to act as your personal reminder.


It’s possible you will run into a funeral home that will be all business with no emotion involved. But the funeral homes that are there to go the extra mile will show you the utmost compassion the whole way through the process. They’ll let you take your time with your grief and they won’t pressure you in any way.

When given the choice, you want funeral homes in Baltimore, MD that will give you the extra mileage you need from such services. The representatives at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are known for doing just that. Call us at (410) 327-3100 and we’ll get started in showing you just how far we’ll go for your family. You can also visit us at 5126 Belair Rd Baltimore MD, 21206.