There are certain things that you might believe about funeral homes in Baltimore, MD that just doesn’t really apply. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to plan final services for a loved one, it’s nice to know what’s actually a rule and what isn’t true at all. Here are a few things you might think are rules or are required that actually aren’t.


Embalming is the process of using chemicals to preserve your loved one for a visitation or funeral home service. While it’s something that most people do if they are going to have one or both of those services with an open casket, it’s not actually required at all. The family gets to decide if this process will be done or not. The funeral home can offer their opinion and advice based on what the family wants to do, but they cannot require it. It’s just another service that is offered and the family can decide if they want to move forward with it or not.

Buying Caskets/Urns From The Funeral Home

If you are working with a certain funeral home, you will buy the urn or casket you need from that funeral home, right? Well, you definitely can, but it’s not required, either. It’s often easier to get the products you need for your loved one right there at the funeral home. They can show you in person what the different options are, talk to you about the choices, and they will give you fair prices. But if you want something they don’t have or just find something you like in another location, that’s okay. The funeral home will use whatever product you bring to them no matter where you got it. They want you to get what you want for your loved one, despite the vendor you might use.

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Somber Services In The Funeral Home

When people think about services that are held in the funeral home, they think about the traditional services. But funeral homes can do a variety of different services and families can have whatever they want. If you want to do a celebration of life, you can certainly do that at a funeral home. You can also do a traditional service, but it’s not required if you are using the funeral home’s facilities. You can still do whatever you please and when you have the funeral home help, it can be easier to pull things together.

If you are working with funeral homes in Baltimore, MD on final services, don’t be afraid to ask questions about things you believe to be true but aren’t sure about. They want you to know the truth so you are working on things according to reality and not myths or outdated things you may believe. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are here to help you through this hard time and will give you the answers you have to hard questions to get your loved one the services they need.