Funeral homes in Baltimore, MD are seeing more people choose cremation services today than ever before. It is the chosen method in about half the cases today. It’s honorable and respectful, as is a traditional funeral and burial. It also brings more choices with it. You don’t have to have a somber service and instead can do whatever you’d like for your loved one. You also don’t have to bury their remains, though you can. The most popular final resting place is to scatter the ashes somewhere special. But some families like to keep their loved ones close and on display in their homes. Here are some pieces of advice for doing just that.

Find The Right Urn

Since your loved one is going to be there, in your home, for a long period of time, you want a nice urn to hold them. The urn should be something durable that won’t break or spill to keep your loved one safe. It should also fit their personality and style and look good in your house so it doesn’t stand out too much. There are endless options so you can certainly find something that will work well.

Look For Safe Locations

You want to survey your house to find locations that would be safe. The fireplace mantel is often a good fit or inside a china hutch. A bookshelf can work and there are a variety of other locations. You’ll want to think of what your loved one enjoyed and try to find a location that matches and is safe. If they liked to cook, for example, place them on top of the cabinets up high so they can oversee every meal.

Place Photos Around The Urn

You might want to consider making the urn placement a memorial area by putting pictures of your loved one and your family around the urn. Whenever you see the urn, you can think of your loved ones, how they fit into your family, and what made them who they were. It’s a nice way to remember them as they were and keep those memories going every time you look at the urn.

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Keep It Clean

Wherever you place the urn, it will likely gather dust. You want to dust it off and wipe it down when you clean to keep it looking nice. You want to give your loved one the resting place they deserve and so, out of respect, you’ll want to keep the urn nice.

There are other options as to where you can place your loved one within your family home when you decide on cremation and you want to keep their remains in an urn. The professionals within funeral homes in Baltimore, MD can help to give you advice on options and placement ideas. At Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A., we provide the cremation service, but also the compassion and support you need to get through the planning all the way through the final resting place and beyond.