When you decide that you want to have cremation services in Baltimore, MD for your own final services, that is a big decision to make. You can work with the professionals and get those plans into place. You can even pay for them in advance if you want. That’s another advantage for your family. Not only will they know what you want to have happened, since the plans are arranged already, but they won’t have to worry about paying for them. And by paying today’s prices, you are saving money over whatever the prices may be in the future as well. And while the cremation process is the same every time, the services you have around the cremation and even the urn you use can be completely unique. In fact, rather than buying an urn from the funeral home, you can even consider everyday items that can be turned into an urn.


If you love music, and perhaps even plan an instrument, you can use almost any instrument as an urn. Guitars are easy since they already have a hole that can fit a container within them. Brass instruments also have small spaces inside them. The instrument can then be hung in a family home or placed in an area of honor for everyone to enjoy their beauty and the fact that they are your resting place. They can be a great reminder of you.


While some people love music, other people simply adore coffee. And if you have a favorite brand, having a can of that brand around your family’s home would definitely remind them of you. You could have them use a coffee can from your favorite brand as your urn and then store it near the machine in honor of you.


Fishing could be your favorite pastime and you want nothing more than to be commemorated in a sealed tackle box. The remains could be safe inside and the exterior a good reminder that your final resting place is in a spot that reminds everyone what you loved in your life.

cremation services in Baltimore, MD

Wind chimes are something that is nice to hang outside the home and you can get custom wind chimes in various tones that have urn compartments in them. Every time the wind blows, and the chime makes musical sounds, your family will think about you, sitting out there on the porch with them, enjoying the nice day.


There are lots of other ways to create urns out of everyday items. The sky’s the limit and you are only held back by your imagination and what you want for yourself. Think about the things you love in life and consider creating an urn that will remind your family of those things. After your cremation services in Baltimore, MD, the cremation provider gives the family a simple container for your ashes. But you could also have a unique, special urn that is created from everyday items that mean a lot to you. Talk to the professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. about your ideas.