There are so many things that must be done after a person dies. The planning of the funeral, contacting family, and so much more. But there are also parts of the funeral process that the family may not see or take part in. These are the things usually done by the funeral home or wherever your loved one’s body is being prepped for the funeral. And one of those things, and it’s a very important part of the process, is the embalming of the body. This is something that is done so regularly now that most people don’t even think about it. If you and your family have any questions regarding the process that is embalming, you can contact cremation services in Baltimore, MD.

What Is Embalming?

Embalming is the process of injecting chemicals into the body of the deceased to help preserve it for a short time. This is usually done to help the family make final arrangements and keep the body in good condition until the funeral takes place. The people who are responsible for doing the embalming of the deceased’s body are licensed to do so.

Do You Have to Choose Embalming?

While embalming offers a lot of benefits, it is not necessary for burial. If you have a reason that you are against embalming, be it religious or a personal choice, you do not have to have your loved one’s body embalmed. You can choose to have the body as natural as you would like. There are only special cases where embalming is required by law. If you do not want to do it, other than those, you do not have to.

What Are the Benefits of Having the Body Embalmed?

The embalming of a loved one’s body can be a very good and helpful thing. Not only for the preservation but because it can help give more time to the family. Below is a shortlist of how embalming is helpful.

Transportation of The Body – If a loved one’s body needs to be moved before or after the funeral, embalming will help ensure that nothing goes wrong while being transported. It will make sure that the body holds its shape.

cremation services in Baltimore, MDOpen Casket Funerals – Everyone wants to see the person who has passed away for one last time before the casket is closed. But sometimes, without embalming, the body can start the decaying process depending on when the funeral takes place. Embalming will allow for the body to stay together longer to help make sure that everyone can see their loved one.

Making Final Arrangements – Making arrangements for a funeral can take a lot of time. You must plan everything, contact guests, find clothes, and more. While you are doing that, the body has already started to decay. But with the process of embalming, the family has a bit more time to get everything in order.

Embalming is there to help families in so many ways. But it is fine to go without it if that is what you want. It is your choice, and you should do as you please. But if you are in search of any answers to questions you may have regarding embalming, you can contact cremation services in Baltimore, MD.