If there’s one thing that can be perceived as true, it’s the fact that people come together over meals. While it might sound like a strange idea—to eat after services at funeral homes in Baltimore, MD, it’s a customary tradition that isn’t going anywhere. After funeral services are over, families generally have a reception so they can have more time together, nourish their bodies, share good memories, and simply catch up on life. But what should you eat after a funeral? There are no right or wrong answers, but here are a few suggestions:

Your Loved One’s Favorites

There are a lot of unique want to customize a funeral service, but you don’t have to stop at the service itself. You can also make the reception after the service feel just as customized by serving your loved one’s favorite foods. If they couldn’t get enough spaghetti, put Italian fare on the menu for the reception. If they always drank iced tea, make sure that’s the beverage of choice. You could even go so far as to have apple pie—their favorite dessert. Anything that will make people think of your loved one is always a nice idea.

Off The Menu At A Restaurant

It’s hard to please everyone on every diet with every restriction known to man that might exist among those attending the reception. One of the easiest things you can do is simply choose a restaurant with a wide variety on the menu and book a private room. Everyone who comes can order whatever they’d like, and one person can pick up the bill as part of the funeral expenses or everyone can pay for themselves. That way, everyone gets something they can eat, and no one has to worry about what’s best for the whole group.

Whatever Is Served By Volunteers

If you are part of a church or community group and they offer to host a reception, then you can have whatever they offer. They might make cold sandwiches, soup, or serve a potluck-style dinner. Whatever it is, most families are grateful not to have to worry about what to have, who’s going to cook it, or where to go. This is a wonderful service to offer to someone if you are on the other side and see a friend in need.

After funeral homes in Baltimore, MD, there’s often a reception and people generally eat and chat about their loved one. Not every family has opportunities to get together outside of funerals and weddings. The reception is a time to catch up, go over fun memories from the past, and eat with one another. IF you need advice on what to have, or where to have a reception after the funeral, the professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. can certainly help with suggestions and ideas. Call us at (410) 327-3100 and we’ll get the funeral plans in place first and then help with the reception ideas after that. We’re located at 5126 Belair Rd Baltimore, MD 21206 and we’re here for you.