Creating just the right funeral service in Baltimore, MD after a loved one passes on can be a challenge. If you don’t know what they want because they didn’t plan ahead and didn’t leave any instructions, it can be hard to guess. In those cases, you just have to do your best and remember that whatever you choose, your loved one will be respected with dignity. As you go through the process, don’t forget these key things as you organize:  

Your Loved One’s Preferences 

The thing you want to keep at the top of your mind at all times is what your loved one enjoyed. If they had a favorite song or instrument, you’ll want to try and incorporate that into the service. If they loved poetry, include readings of favorite passages and so on. If they were quiet individuals who kept to themselves, you might want the service to be small and include family only. Their preferences are at the top of your list at all times.  

Your Family’s Needs 

You are also going to want to keep your family’s needs in mind as you plan. Perhaps you have been considering cremation, but you know your family members need the closure that a visitation can bring. You could have a visitation and then proceed with cremation. The services you have for your loved one are just as important to the surviving family members as they are to the person who passed on. What your family wants and needs is something to keep close by as you plan.  

There Aren’t Wrong Services 

While there are options to consider, when you are deciding between traditional burial and cremation, you can’t go wrong, no matter what you decide. Both disposition methods are respectful and dignified and can bring honor to your loved one. You’ll have to decide what’s best for your family, but either way you go, you aren’t making a bad decision.  

Funeral Directors Are There To Help 

If you’re worried you’re going to forget important details, which is easy to do since you don’t organize funerals regularly, put your mind at ease. When you’re working with a funeral director, they know just what you need to do and when. They won’t let you forget anything important and they will make sure you make the pertinent decisions so they can carry out the services you wish to have for your loved one.  

Once you have found funeral services in Baltimore, MDuse the supportive staff at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. to get you through the hard parts of the planning process. We’re there to remind you of anything you forget. Give us a call with your questions at (410) 327-3100 or set up a time to meet with our funeral director in person. You can stop by and see us at 5126 Belair Rd Baltimore, MD 21206 and we’ll show you what our facilities have to offer along with packages you might consider for your loved one.