There’s no way to predict what the weather is going to do very far in advance. You pretty much have to wait until that day to see exactly what is going to happen. If you have planned services for a loved one with funeral homes in Baltimore, MD and the weather takes a nasty turn, you have options as to what you might want to do. It’s not ideal, but you can’t change what’s happening with Mother Nature. Here are some examples.

Livestream Services

If the weather turns bad and some of your family members who were going to travel into the area can’t make the drive or get a safe flight, you might still want to move forward with the services so you can get the closure you need. Plus, for funeral services, you can only put things off for so long. Instead of delaying, you could move ahead with the services for those in the area and live stream the ceremonies for those who can’t make it to watch from home. Sometimes, it’s the best you can do for those who really want to be there and just can’t get to the area safely.

Put Things Off

If you had your loved one cremated, there’s no timeline on the services you plan to hold after that process is complete. You can put the services off once you hear the weather report and hold them at a time that will be nicer. It can be hard to delay when you had things planned and ready, but if you want your family to be able to attend and for you to be able to honor your loved one in just the right manner, it might be the right way to go.

Have Another Memorial Later

If you are having a funeral, you can’t delay too long. But that doesn’t mean you have to make that the only service. If loved ones have missed things because of the weather, repeat similar services in a memorial style later when the weather is nicer. You can have something outside in a park to honor your loved one, share memories together, and gather to support one another. You can have as many services as you want in as many different ways that you want to have them. That can help people get their final goodbyes in, even if it happens later than the actual funeral.

There’s no way to tell what the weather will do in this area of the country. Whether you get a heavy snowfall, a rainstorm, or something else that thwarts your original plan, funeral homes in Baltimore, MD will work with you in a flexible manner to adjust your plans and make them just what you want to honor your loved one. When a loved one passes on, Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. is here to help you through the process from start to finish. Whether you want a funeral, a cremation, services now, or later, we’re here to help you make plans.