When you have cremation services in Baltimore, MD for a loved one, you can still have whatever type of memorial service you’d like after the process is complete. Some people take comfort in a memorial service that feels similar to a funeral and that often means flowers. Your family can order some arrangements, but others will likely send flowers and plants to decorate the room for the service and show their sympathy to you. The flowers are lovely for the service itself, but once the service is complete, what do you do with all of the flowers? Here are a few ideas:

Take What You Want

One of the popular things for people to send is a peace lily plant, which is something you can take home and keep for many years. It’s a great way to remind yourself of the person who sent it and their sympathy to you as well as of your loved one. Take those plants or whatever other flowers you want from the service to your home. That might not take care of everything, but it’s a start.

Distribute To Family

You are likely not the only person who will miss your loved one and if you have other family in the vicinity, let them take some flowers or plants home with them to keep. It’s a blessing to them to have something to remember your loved one by. Perhaps some of their friends sent things and they would be the obvious choice to take those arrangements home.

Use Them At The Final Resting Place

If you are burying your loved one after the service, take some of the flowers to their plot and lay them there. If you are scattering ashes, you can mix in some flower petals for a lovely sendoff. Wherever the final resting place might be, you should be able to utilize at least some of the flowers in this manner.

Dry Them

You may find some arrangements particularly lovely and you could dry them out and keep them as a reminder of the day and your loved one. You won’t want to do this with everything, but one or two special arrangements could be nice in this manner.

Donate Them

There are organizations that take donated flowers, rearrange them, and then use them to deliver to nursing homes, hospitals, and other locations. You could also have the funeral home take them to nursing homes or other areas as a donation as well. Once you are done with the flowers, there’s no reasons someone else can’t enjoy them.

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