There are two different methods you can use if you are trying to deal with a loved one’s death. A funeral and burial service is the traditional method. You could also choose cremation services in Baltimore, MD. While both are completely valid and honorable, cremation cuts a lot of services out of the picture, which can lower the costs for you. There’s nothing wrong with choosing cremation simply because you have a smaller budget in mind for the process. Here are some of the things that cremation cuts out.


Embalming is a process that uses chemicals to preserve the body so you are able to hold a visitation and funeral service for your loved one. While embalming is not required and is something you don’t have to do, even if you do have a funeral for your loved one, it’s definitely not necessary for a cremation service. Your loved one goes into cremation instead of embalming or funeral options. Since it takes professionals, it cuts a lot of the costs out of the process.

Cemetery Plots

You have to bury your loved one if you are going to a funeral. You don’t have to if you cremate them. You can still get a burial plot, but it would be smaller for cremated remains. And you definitely don’t have to bury your loved one. You can scatter their ashes, keep them at home, or do a variety of other things. When you cut out the cost of the cemetery plot, you are able to cut things back even further.

Casket Options

Cremated remains usually sit within an urn. You can even go a simpler route than that and use the simple container your funeral provider gives you. Since your loved one is no longer in body form, they certainly don’t need a casket. Caskets can be costly and cutting that out can allow you to further reduce the overall costs of their final services.


If you aren’t burying your loved one, you also don’t need a headstone to mark their grave. Headstones can be a nice way to memorialize someone, but if you don’t have a burial plot, you don’t need the cost of one. You can do other things to remember your loved one.

cremation services in Baltimore, MD

If you decide on cremation services in Baltimore, MD for a loved one, there’s no reason for burial plots, headstones, embalming, and other such things. Cutting those items out can reduce the costs of the final services. And, when you cremate a loved one, they still get what they need and it’s just as honorable as a funeral and burial service. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. can talk to you about other things you are going to be able to cut out when you have a cremation service for a loved one. You are also able to add whatever you want, like a memorial service, cremation jewelry, and other options that can honor that special person in a unique way.