There are certainly reasons to choose traditional funeral services over cremation and cremation services in Baltimore, MD over a funeral. When you go with a funeral, once those services are over, that’s usually it. But with cremation services, you can have afterthoughts and still make those happen later.

If you decide on direct cremation for a loved one who has passed on, that means you don’t have any services before the cremation occurs. You simply go right into cremation, soon after death once the paperwork is completed. But after that, there’s no timeline or restrictions on what you should do. Many people still want to have a service right away and that’s great. You can also put the services off for another time when you have more time to plan.

If you go ahead with services right away, that might rush the planning process, but you want to honor your loved one and that’s okay. The beauty of cremation is that if you have those services, and then have thoughts later that you wish you would have done something more—you can still do them.

Perhaps you had a traditional memorial service that felt more like a funeral. But then, later, you wish you would have had a celebration of life to highlight special memories with your loved one. Well, you still can. There’s no limit on how many services you can have or when you can have them. In fact, having more than one service allows you different ways to honor a life. And it might even give different people a chance to honor along with you. If not everyone makes the first service, when you have another, they could maybe make that one.

You don’t have to have two services, either, to have afterthoughts you want to rectify. If you have a service and keep the urn, you can still decide on a final resting place later and then have a scattering ceremony. There are time and the opportunity to change your mind on certain aspects of the process.

cremations services in Baltimore, MD

When you choose a traditional burial, that’s that. But if you go with cremation, there’s a more open feel to the process so you can be more fluid with your plans and how they pan out. You can do what you feel is right soon after the cremation and then, later, you can do other things in addition to what is already behind you.

When working on cremation services in Baltimore, MD, keep the versatile options in mind and be prepared for a variety of emotions as you plan for your loved one. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are here to help you through the planning process, whether you want to plan something right away, wait until later, or do a little of both. We are here to give you compassion and support every step of the way. We know this isn’t easy and that you are doing your best. Your loved one will be safe with us.