One of the reasons many families prefer cremation services in Baltimore, MD today is because it allows them to have whatever kind of memorial service they want, on whatever timeline they want it, and in whatever location they’d like to have it. If you want to have an outdoor cremation service for your loved one, that can mean a lot—especially if your family and your loved one enjoy the outdoors. However, there are things you are going to need to consider. Here are a few:

Alternate Locations Or Dates

There’s not much you can do to control certain things in your life and the weather is one of them. Even if the forecast looks decent when you choose a day, things can change by the time the day rolls around. Rain can come through or the wind could be atrocious. You could even have a high, hot, humid day. Whatever the adverse weather might be, it’s possible that you will have to figure out an alternative to the outdoor location. You will want to either have a backup location on standby so you can still honor your loved one on the same day, but at a different place, or you will want to have another date in mind so you can move the service to a day that might be better weather-wise.

cremation services in Baltimore, MD

Guest Comfort

If the weather is nice enough to move forward, you still will want to think about the comfort of your guests. Have enough seating for everyone, for example, if the service is going to be any length of time. On a warmer day, perhaps have someone bring a cooler of water so bottles can be passed around to those who didn’t think to bring any. You can also pass out things like paper fans or extra hats to ward off the sun. You want your guests to honor your loved one and not be too distracted by discomfort.

Location Regulations

You will also need to check into the regulations of the location you have chosen. You can’t just show up in a park and expect the shelter you want to be available. You may need to reserve it in advance. If ash scattering is something you’re including in the service, that can only be done freely in certain locations as well. You’ll need to look into restrictions, regulations, and possible permits you might need.

Having cremation services in Baltimore, MD outside can be very nice and the professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. can help you think through the details so your family gets just what they need from every part of the service. In the end, you just want to honor your loved one in a special way. If that includes being outside, we can help you figure out what location works, what timing is best, and what you need to include in the service to ensure your guests have what they need to remember your loved one with as much comfort as possible.