After you have cremation services in Baltimore, MD for a loved one who passed away, you will have to consider what you want to do with their ashes. If you want to have a memorial, an ash scattering, or something else, you may want a certain kind of urn for your loved one. A different urn might be best if you are going to keep them in your home. But there are also unique urns that allow you to remember your loved one in a special way that speaks to their personality and style.


Have you ever stopped to think that you can even use everyday items as an urn? You can get a hollowed out, custom-made, false book for your loved one’s remains. If they loved a certain title or reading in general, you can place them in that book and store it somewhere special in your home.


Cremation jewelry is one of the more popular unique ideas. It can be comforting to have a piece of jewelry that you can wear that allows you to keep your loved one’s ashes close. The small piece of ashes usually fits inside a pendant, a cross, a heart, or something else of that nature. It could also be made into a bracelet or even a ring. You can wear the item, think of your loved one, and no one else will ever know. These jewelry items can also become real family heirlooms that are passed down.


Adding your loved one’s ashes to a planter in your home with an urn that fertilizes the soil is another way to add some new life to your loved one’s remains. Mixing them into the soil inside an urn that breaks down over time and allows plants to draw nutrients is a beautiful way to memorialize them in your own home.


Ornaments are even something that you can turn into an urn if you wish. Placing a few ashes inside an ornament that you hang on your tree every year can be a nice way to include your loved one in the ritual. You could also customize the ornament with their name or picture to give yourself an even larger reminder.

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And, if you want something to hug and remind you of your loved one, there are actually stuffed animal urns available. These are often made for children that have passed on or are good for your child to hug when they lose a grandparent or someone else close to them. The urn is inside the animal and is sewn in so it can be a part of your home.


There are plenty of other unique urns on the market and if you have cremation services in Baltimore, MD for a loved one, you might want to look into the choices so you can think through what would be best for your family and your loved one. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. can show you examples of urns and help you find the right fit.