If you are organizing cremation services in Baltimore, MD for a loved one, you will choose a cremation package, get the paperwork in order, and allow the funeral home to proceed with the cremation process. But you might also want to organize a memorial service. What kinds of things do you want to have present at that event? What colors should you use? Here are a few color options to consider:


Black is the most traditional color for funerals and memorial cremation services. If you are having a traditional service, you might want to use something somber like black. It’s a color a lot of people will wear to signify mourning and it’s the ceremonial color of grief. However, there are lots of other color options and people no longer have to wear or use black around cremation services. You can use other dark colors or something else entirely.


White may feel strange in comparison to the traditional black, but it’s one of the most common flower colors used at cremation services. White portrays innocence and can signify purity and blessing. Having white present at the cremation service showcases hope, which is something everyone can use at those services.

Muted Pastels

If your loved one liked certain color tones, there’s nothing wrong with using them at the cremation service. You might feel right about pink, light blue, yellow, purple, and other such colors at the service. You can incorporate some of them in flowers, some in clothing, and others in decorations you use for the event.

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Bright And Lively

Not every cremation service has to be somber. In fact, more people are using celebrations of life today than ever before. In those cases, wearing and showcasing bright and lively colors is a nice way to infuse hope and happiness into the event. When you celebrate life, you try not to dwell on the sadness surrounding the death of your loved one and instead, focus on the good memories and the fun times you had together. Having everyone wear bright colors or even choosing a color your loved one liked can help the event set the right tone.

Colors can mean a lot within the cremation services in Baltimore, MD you organize for a loved one. You can do whatever you feel is best for the service style you are setting up and for what your loved one would appreciate. The professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are here to help you make decisions on every aspect of the memorial service once the cremation is complete. While we can’t tell you what to do, we can offer recommendations based on the type of service you are having and what you have told us about your family and your loved one. We are here for you every step of the way and we will support the decisions you make and implement them for you. We know this is hard and we’ll offer our compassion every step of the way.