What your loved one wears to their final service can be of great importance to you and other family members who attend the service. If you need advice and recommendations, contact the professionals at funeral homes in Baltimore, MD for help. But there are several things you will want to consider yourself to try and make the right decision for everyone involved. Here are some such things.

Consider Your Loved One’s Comfort

It might sound silly since your loved one is deceased, but you will still want to consider their comfort. If your loved one never wore dresses and was always in jeans and sweatshirts, you aren’t going to put them in a dress for their funeral, either. It would look and feel unnatural to all of you. Think about the things they enjoyed wearing the most. If they did like dressing up, a suit and tie are fitting. You want their style to come across so they look like themselves at the visitation and funeral.

Look At The Service Style

You might have your loved one wear something different depending on the type of service you are having for them. If you are having a traditional funeral, something more formal and conservative will feel right. If you are having a funeral, but you want it to be more of a celebration of your loved one’s life, you might place them in a bright polo shirt or something else that is more comfortable and ‘them.’ The service style dictates what you wear, but it can also help you inform what you want your loved one to wear.

Don’t Choose Something You Want To Keep

There are special items of clothing that perhaps your loved one wore all of the time. If there was a t-shirt they wore every time it was clean, and maybe even sometimes when it wasn’t, it might feel right to place them in something they loved that much. At the same time, that might be an item you would rather keep to remember them. You may wear it yourself or place it in a quilt of their clothing so you can keep it close and as a memorial to them.

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Place Other Items With Them

In addition to what you have your loved one wear, you can also place other items in the casket with them, if you want. You can write them letters, put family photos, place jewelry, and other items in the casket if you’d like. Keep in mind that items like wedding rings are things they can wear for the visitation and funeral but can be removed before burial if you would like to keep those special items yourself.

When you are working with funeral homes in Baltimore, MD, the professionals at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. are here to help you with every difficult decision. We will support anything you decide and aid you along the way with advice and options that might help you reach the right decisions.